Tow'n'Collect mini

The Tow’n’Mow 1.0 Metre Twin is no featherweight. Designed and built with the life style farmer in mind the 1 metre Mower/Topper Twin engine is ideally suited to property maintenance and pasture topping. It is economical and extremely robust. The Mower/Topper Twin is fitted with two 5hp Briggs & Stratton Quantum IC 50 motors. The blades are directly driven by the motors, eliminating the need for expensive clutches and belts. The flail blades are fitted onto a large fly wheel providing greater inertia for cutting in the rough.
In order to protect the engines against sudden stops the Tow’n’Mow Topper Twin is fitted with a patented bearing system to ensure any shocks are not absorbed by the motors. Models 1270mm & 1900mm wide cut with wheels beside or inboard (ie: behind body) also available.

Features and Benefits

  • Tops pastures, cuts thistles, rushes and roadsides.
  • The Tow’n‘ Mow range is made from high-quality mild steel plate and powder coated for long lasting protection.
  • The Tow’n‘ Mow is designed to be towed by ATV’s or any other similar stable vehicle.
  • The adjustable draw-bar can be fixed at various heights to suit the towing vehicle.
  • Large pneumatic tyres reduce ground loading and compaction.
  • The tyres are fitted on high-quality pressed steel rims with ball bearing races for durability.
  • Flail blades are fitted to a heavy duty spindle and bearing assembly which is mounted directly to the chassis which means the motors receive minimal shock if a blade comes in contact with anything solid.
  • The topper will not clog due to cut-away section at the rear of the body.

Tow n Collect mini
Briggs & Stratton 4 stroke

Tow n Collect mini
Easy Glide Height Adjustment

Cutting Width 1000mm
Engine Briggs & Stratton 850 Series - 190cc Ready Start
Height Adjustment 50mm - 250mm
Height 550mm
Width 1470mm
Length (incl towbar) 2050mm
Weight 135kg
Blades 2
Fuel 7 litre capacity, unleaded
Electric start No